Document Management

Work from anywhere

The Advance Office Solutions smart software means you can access information from your office, anywhere.

Our document management options can print, capture, store and convert to other formats. This means when you meet a client on site you can access and view stored information and print it directly from the cloud.

You can improve internal systems by creating workflows that allow key staff to automate tasks and processes. This will ultimately improve office efficiency and productivity and reduce costs.

Document management examples

Accounts payable and receivable

At Advance Office Solutions we have accounts payable software solution that will read data on an invoice and match it to a corresponding Purchase order. The software flags any irregularities for checking. Otherwise the transaction can be processed for payment. This smart solution is also relevant for accounts receivable and matching outstanding invoices.

HR processes

Our document management software can take care of;

  • on and off boarding of staff
  • leave and travel requests
  • time sheets
  • external staff and contractor’s compliance

In fact, any repetitive paper-based procedures can be automated.

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