Let your new personal assistant deal with all the mail you used to collate, fold and insert by hand: The new FPi2300 table-top inserter. Quickly and easily gets business letters, advertising mailings, invoices, pay slips and other documents into the mail – with or without enclosures.


Product Description

The new FPi 2300 series of table-top mail inserters will win you over with its ease of opera-tion and reliability. The system can fold docu-ments of various sizes to fit into DL, C6/5 and C5 envelopes­. Small formats, pre-folded materials, reply cards or return envelopes can be added to letters quickly and easily Or use the folding function alone – for instance, to produce brochures or flyers The FPi2300 series is conceived for small to medi-um quantities of mail and is remarkably quiet in operation

Key Features
  • Perfect for “daily mail” : For daily mail tasks, feed up to five pages of mixed materials by hand. An enclosure can be added automatically from the feeder
  • Multi-page feeds : Each automatic document station can be set to feed several sheets per envelope. Feed, fold and insert up to three sheets per job, or up to five sheets when using OMR.
  • Feeder-Swap : Each A4 feeder station can hold 325 pages. The tandem-function lets one feeder continue working uninterrupted when the other feeder is empty to reduce reloading time when processing large mailings
  • OMR function : Automatic Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) “reads” coded marks on documents to control fed documents and selectively add enclosures
  • High capacity envelope hopper : Increase efficiency and ease of operation with the space-saving, side-mounted envelope hopper
  • Franking machine connection : Offline. For finished, franked letters ready to mail.
Feeder stations 1/1.5, 2/2.5
Maximum speed per hour 2,300
Maximum volume per month 15,000
Folding capacity in pages at 80 g /m² up to 5
Job memory capacity 9
Control display in inches/pixel 5.7 / 320 x 240
Max. dimensions, in mm, L x W x H 1360 x 460 x 637
Max. weight, in kg 72
Noise emission in dBA (ISO 11202) < 68
Operating environment, temperature in °C 10 – 40
Operating environment, humidity in % 30 – 80
A4 capacity, standard feeder, in sheets 325
A4 capacity, maximum configuration, in sheets 650
DIN formats A4, A5, A6
Height/width in mm 90 – 356 / 130 – 230
Paper quality in g /m² 60 – 170 (250)
Short feeder / max. document length in mm 156
System capacity in envelopes 150
DIN formats DL, C6/5, C5
Height/width in mm 90–162 / 165–248
Envelope quality in g/m² 80–120
Maximum contents thickness in mm 2.5
Automatic Fill & Start yes
Feeder-swap tandem operation yes
Multi-sheet feed, in sheets up to 3 (up to 5 OMR)
Daily mail yes
Collect material before folding yes
Single, wrap, zig-zag and double-parallel folds yes
“No fold” function yes
“Fold only” function yes
Item counter yes
OMR (only with FPi2325) optional
Double-feed real sheet control yes
Output basket capacity, C5/6, 1 x A4, letter fold 100
Side tray capacity, C5/6, 1 x A4, multiple fold 225