Whoever said automated letter insertion systems are complicated? The FPi2500 will quickly con-vince you otherwise. Professionally fold and insert business correspondence, invoices, promo-tions etc. with no tricky training.

The intuitive control display and system intelli-gence team up perfectly to make it possible. The FPi2500 does the thinking with every operation. The system con•gures itself and automatically selects the type of fold. You just con•rm it on the display panel. Satisfaction is virtually guaranteed.


Product Description

While the FPi2500 processes your letters or folds your advertising yers, you can get back to more serious tasks. The tandem function enables fee-der stations to work without interruption until the inserting job is finished. The FPi2500’s quiet operation makes it suitable for every oƒce environment. The compact system’s design also •ts into the look of a modern office. Make tedious manual chores a thing of the past. The FPi2500 provides intelligent, fast assistance with your daily mail! And best of all – you don’t need to decide on a particular model today. The modular system can grow as your needs grow.

Key Features
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR DAILY MAIL TOO: Process miscellaneous daily mail without recon•guration. Automatically add an additional item or return envelope to material loaded from the manual feed
  • USER FRIENDLY: The system recognizes which stations are •lled, automatically sets the right fold and starts the job
  • IMPRESSIVE FOLDING PERFORMANCE : The FPi2500 series works with a powerful yet quiet folding mechanism. It can simultaneously handle up to 8 documents of varying sizes
  • EQUIPPED FOR YOUR FUTURE : Regardless of which basic model you start with, the modular FPi2500 system enables you to expand or reconfigure at any time: One or two automatic A4-feeder stations which can be combined as desired with a supplement feeder (envelope-shaped materials or reply-envelope)
Feeder stations 1/1.5/2/2.5
Max. cycles per hour 2400
Max. volume per month 15000
Folding capacity in sheets 80 g/m2 up to 8
Number of jobs savable 20
Operation by color touchscreen display yes
Dimensions max., in mm, W x D x H 800 x 445 x 685
Weight max., in kg 55
Noise emission in dBA by ISO 11202 <68
Environment temperature in oC 10 – 40
Environment humidity in % 20-65
A4 standard feeder capacity/in sheets> 250
A4 feeder capacity max. con•guration/in sheets 500
DIN-formats A4, A5, A6
Height/width in mm 90 – 356/130 – 230
Paper quality in g/m2 60 – 120 (250)
Short feeder/max. document length/in mm 158
Feeder capacity in pieces 250
DIN-formats DL, C6/5, C5
Height/width in mm 90–162/160–165 and 220–242
Envelope quality in g/m2 75-120
Filled envelope max. thickness in mm 2
Automatic program •ll&start+ yes
Tandem operation feeder swap yes
Multiple sheet feed from A4 station yes
Separate miscellaneous mail chute yes
Collect sheets before folding yes
Single, wrap, zig-zag and double-parallel folds yes
»No fold« function yes
»Fold only« function yes
Item counter yes
OMR-Code optional
Real sheet double-feed control yes