You know the story: While other tasks keep you busy, the pile of letters, invoices and serial letters waiting to be mailed keeps pilling up. And you know you just don’t have time to fold and insert all that paper by hand.

The answer is: Hit the ON switch and get it done quickly!


Product Description

With the new table-top inserting system FPi 600! As the successor of the long-running and internationally successful FPi 500, the FPi 600 sets the standard for entry-level fully-automatic mail processing. Feed, fold, insert and seal: the ultimate inserting solution for smaller offices. Variable: Use the FPi 600 to quickly and easily add answer-cards, flyers or return-envelopes to your mailing. Or use the folding function to produce pre-folded flyers. Powerful and safe: The FPi 600 can handle up to 1,350 letters in an hour. The integrated double-feed monitor reliably prevents errors. The clam-shell construction assures maximum ease of access for servicing. Office-friendly and frugal: The compact table-top inserting system offers high performance in a small package and fits into every office. The FPi 600 pays for itself even if you only mail 50 letters a day. Amazingly quiet with noise emissions of less than 69 dB(A) plus the rigorous application of eco-features like a power-saving standby-mode and automatic power-off function.
Key Features
  • Automate 90% of your jobs: 2 documents 1 supplement/return envelope, C6/5 or C5 envelopes, miscellaneous mail
  • Maximum flexibility: Each material feeder can hold up to 100 sheets. With the tandem function, the machine continues operation when one station is empty to streamline reloading for bigger mailings
  • Perfect for “mixed mail”: Manually feed up to five sheets of material, and add a supplement automatically from another station.
  • And if there’s ever a paper jam – no problem: Just open the machine like you would a photo-copier, remove the jammed item and restart your job
Automatic station (80 g/m2) 100
Supplement feeder 200 supplements or 100 return envelopes
Envelopes (C6, C6/5, C5), with or without window 160
Catch tray, foldable 100 letters
From one station (A4) up to 1,350 letters/hour
From two stations plus supplement up to 1,080 letters/hour
Single fold (A4, 80 g/m²) up to 5 sheets
Height 90–356 mm
Width 142–225 mm
Paper quality 70–120 g/m2
Height 90–158 mm
Width 130–230 mm
Paper quality 75–250 g/m2
Display/color touchscreen 66 x 50 mm (320 x 240 Pixel)
Job memory 15 (fully programmable)
Automatic power-off/stand-by mode -/< 0.5 W
Length x height x depth (mm) 430 x 560 x 660
Weight (kg) 36
Single operation (ISO 11202) < 69 dB(A)