Optimail Digital Postage Meter

Optimail Digital Postage Meter

The new optimail provides big performance in an operator-friendly package. The professional electronic postage meter for 10 to 100 letters a day. Does an excellent job and, with a distinctive contemporary design, looks good doing it.

The clearly laid out keypad controls all metering functions. An easy-to-read display shows meter status. The optimail delivers a range of functions to help you deal with your mailing tasks in an efficient and professional fashion


Product Description

A compact, digital postage meter designed to fit into every office environment. Tracks postage expenses for up to 9 accounts — perfect for different departments or users, for instance office-space cooperatives. Account statements can be printed directly by the machine.

Key Features

The way to frank today : Excellent design combined with state-of-the-art technology makes the optimail your optimal office mail assistant. An internal clock means you never have to set the date.
A crisp clear frank-instantly : The optimail comes with memory for up to nine different customer-designed slogans/logos. That makes it ideal for Business co-ops, the ability to print different business names & addresses, or even seasonal and/or personalised greetings. Make every envelope a distinctive advertisement with maximum impact and minimal effort.
Cost accounts included : Departmental expenditure printout, which is printed directly from the optimail. Lists up to nine accounts, for an instant summary of postage expenditure Optional Interfaced 5kg Postage Scales : The optional 5kg weigh scale precisely weighs every letter and automaticaly sets the postage meter with the correct postage price for all letters, parcels and international items.
Download postage instantly : Purchase your postage credit on-line at any time: a low postage warning indicates when your postage is getting low and assures that you don’t run out of postage. Reloading the meter is as easy as pressing a few buttons.

Date Change Automatic
Advertisements memory for up to 9
Endorsements (e.g. Express, Priority etc.) up to 8
Cost accounts 9
Printable memory for cost accounts, registers
Warning signals »High postage amount« and postage remaining (adjustable)
Electronic date/time stamper up to 5 different styles
Postage scale connection by RS-232 interface
Dimensions in mm (W x H x D) 320 x 190 x 290
Postage loading TELESET, integrated modem


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